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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Addicted to text?

Lately, I find myself keeping an eye on the tabloid headlines and the front pages of the glossy magazines. My interest lies in the potential rise of what I believe could well become the new fashionable illness… Who will be the first celebrity to check into rehab with 'text addiction'?
These days almost all family members can manage a mobile phone with the minimum of fuss and text messaging is incredibly simple. It allows for clear, perhaps even blunt communication yet ‘texting’ is no doubt used in different ways by different generations. “Hi, what are you doing?” Is more than enough to start a ‘text chat’ between two teenage friends yet my Dad, for example, would probably respond with a great conversation closer such as “nothing”.
As an experienced people watcher I can honestly say that mobile phones and their users, offer a new dimension. From those who nonchalantly press the keypad to light up the phone, check for contact before swiftly returning the phone to pocket - often in the style of a gunslinging cowboy. To the 'eyes free' texter - those with a thumb of Olympic pedigree who can crank out pages of conversation without so much as cursory glance at the screen. I often wonder how we managed without a mobile phone or more to the point, what did we used to do with our thumbs?
Anyway whichever faded pop star, model or actor is the first to confess, remember where you first read about this terrible affliction. Please take care as a related disease exists in society, the curse of pay monthly phone customers everywhere - the pay-as-you-go customer, aka the 'freeloader'. We all have friends who live off our credit, those who text a whole conversation rather than ring as they have a zillion free texts but no minutes for calls. People who 'one bell' and hang-up, prompting us to call them back and pay for the call.
So which one are you? The savvy tenner a month mobile freeloader? The warm-hearted pay monthly fool? Or the latest fame hungry celebrity with a ‘shocking rehab confession’?

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rice_hurst said...

I always press my phone to light up the screen and I don't even know why. With the addition of touch screen, its a little more difficult to use the thunder thumbs now.
Good post scotty la, keep em coming.