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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Over-analyse this, that and the other

Has anyone else noticed the growing tendency to over-analyse shows and events on TV? As a TV sports fan I like my share of reaction and analysis but it’s getting out of hand, certainly given the economic state and mood of the country. Clearly there is a need for subject-dedicated channels and in-depth coverage of important events but do we need so many pundits on the payroll?
Coverage of reality shows can last for hours with specialist contributors, expert analysis and highlight packages. Then there’s the well intended but often poorly executed public interaction segments… As Gary Barlow was quick to ask about the callers on his first extra-factor phone-in… “Where do you get these people from?” Do you mean the fans of the show Gary? I thought that was absolutely brilliant.
The ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ spin-off on ITV2, has quickly become the ‘I’m a minor celebrity/past contestant let me enjoy some camera time and a winter jolly show’. Undoubtedly it will attract decent numbers following the nation’s favourite duo/twosome’s entertaining primetime slot but is that enough to justify flying (Dr) Gillian McKeith to the Gold Coast? Normally I would be more than happy for her to be half the world away but not on another well-paid holiday, she had one there last year remember. Also, do we really need a live satellite link-up to famous fans of the show back in London? I don't thinks so, not now Twitter exists – I would say that 140 characters is too much opinion from some of these commentators. Surely a host, the jovial Jungle Joe and the random Russell Kane is more than enough?
The X-Factor, SCD and BGTs add-on shows are similar, inviting opinion from all manner of experts. Mostly though, contestants from previous series’ and other reality shows offer their take on the latest live show. Helpfully sharing their inside knowledge while plugging their own new single/cover version, latest autobiography or fitness DVD. To be fair, I enjoy the more relaxed approach of these ‘extra’ shows and most people like the backstage gossip or a look behind the scenes but it gets a bit silly when there are more celebrity contributors than contestants.
It's easy to over-analyse things though, as I've shown here.


Anonymous said...

Good read that, keep them coming.

Russell Thompson said...

You forgot about goggle box pal. RLT

Scott John said...

I wrote this in 2011 pal